145/147 Sutton Avenue, Eastern Green, Coventry, CV5 7ER
Telephone: 02476 465 537

frequently asked questions

We know you’ve problably got some questions about how this thing works. We hope to answer most of them in this section, but if not, just contact us or give us a call: 02476 465 537

  1. 1.Can my child start immediately?

    Yes but after a short settling in period in order for us to get to know you and your child(ren), and for you both to become familiar with the staff and the setting.

  2. 2.How are fee's paid?

    On a monthly basis and all childcare vouchers are accepted as well as the 3-4 yrs grant.

    The 2 year old free early education entitlement is accepted with the places being determined by the local authority.

  3. 3.What are your opening and closing times?

    We open at 7.30 am and close at 6pm.

  4. 4.What sessions are available?

    The sessions that are available are as follows: 7.30am- 1pm, 7.30am-6pm, 1pm-6pm.

  5. 5.What security measures are in place for the nursery?

    We have a security tv monitor installed where the staff can see who is at the door on a screen rather than having to answer the door. This enables them to speak to the person at the door if they are unsure who they are. If another person is due to pick your child up from nursery, we will ask you for their full name and a password plus a full description will be given by you, which only the both of you will know. We will not allow your child to leave with this person unless they meet the description and answer the security questions.

  6. 6.What age do you take children up to?

    We take children from 6 weeks to the age of 8 years old. We offer before and after school and holiday club.

  7. 7.Are their any discounts available?

    Yes, we offer 5 % discount for siblings if they both attend the setting at the same time, and 5% for parents who work for the NHS and the same for parents who work for the Civil Service.

  8. 8.What activities do you offer?

    We offer dance lessons, music lessons by a qualified dance teacher on a weekly basis. We have an animal man come into the nursery twice a year, where the children can see a selection of animals. We have an annual outing, and lots of other activities occuring throughout the year. We have a magician who comes into the setting twice a year.

  9. 9.What is included in the price?

    Breakfast, mid morning snack, hot lunch and a pudding, mid afternoon snack.and tea and a pudding. This is based on a full days attendance. The nursery cook prepares and freshly cooks the lunch on the premises, with all dietary requirements and individual needs catered for.