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Nursery Activities


Buzy Bee Day Nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum for children aged from birth to school age. The EYFS consists of 4 principles which has 3 prime areas of learning and 4 specific areas of learning.

These areas of learning and development area are as follows:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Making relationships through play, self confidence and self awareness also managing fellings and behaviour.



Communication and language


Through stories, poems, pictures, songs and playing musical instruments children develop the ability to communicate in a number of different ways.





physical development


Dance and movement opportunities, ball skills for hand to eye co-ordination and organized play using both indoor and outdoor environments. Large play equipment to develop gross motor skills.




Reading and writing, using resources such as books and creative materials. Using ryhmes and singing songs.




Counting, sorting, measuring, shape and matching games to encourage basic numeracy.


Understanding The World


The nursery has monthly themes based on the local and world wide enviroment, which the children participate through various activities. The children learn about other children's festivals and celebrations.


We have the animal man come in twice a year. He brings a selection of animals and insects such as; lizards, snakes, rabbits, an owl, spiders.


Expressive Arts & Design


Exploring and using different media materials. Being imaginative through role play and expressing feelings through play.


Our nursery


The nursery operates a record system, which monitors your child's progress in the form of an individual profile through the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. These records are available for parents to see either on request or at a parents evening or a meeting.

This offers a valuable means whereby staff can make sure your child is adequately stimulated and progressing through a range of different activities which are based on play, music, movement etc and are fun for your child. Our approach to learning is that all staff will plan appropriate, creative and stimulating activities that will meet the needs of each individual child. Learning must be fun and build on what the child already knows.

A confident child is a happy child.

Your child's happiness is paramount within this nursery.